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What is the Bergen-Passaic HIV Health Services Planning Council?

The Bergen-Passaic HIV Planning Council is a community planning group that oversees the prioritization and allocation of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act (RWTMA) Part A funds.

It is also called the Planning Council or Ryan White Council.


What does the Planning Council do?

The Council has several major duties, including:

  1. Determine the size and demographics of the population of individuals with HIV/AIDS.

  2. Determining the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, especially those not in care, affected subpopulations and historically under served communities.

  3. Setting priorities for the allocation of funds.

  4. Developing a comprehensive plan for the organization and delivery of health services.

  5. Assessing the efficiency of the grant administration and the effectiveness of services.

  6. Establishing data driven methods (focus groups, Ad Hoc panels, public meetings, etc.) which focus on community needs and priorities.

  7. Defining Standards of Care for services provided to people living with HIV/AIDS.

  8. Coordinate with Federal, State and local grantees that provide HIV-related services within the TGA.

  9. Be available to facilitate and collaborate with all funded AIDS programs within the TGA, including but not limited to: the CARE Act Part A, B, C, D and F, housing opportunities for people living with AIDS (HOPWA) funds and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funds.

  10. Participate in the development of the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN) initiated by the State Public Health agency responsible for administering grants under Part B (Title II)

The Council has a mandate to focus on people who are not in care (i.e. not receiving medical care) by assessing their needs and developing programs to bring them into care.

The Planning Council and its Committees use parliamentary procedure or Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct meetings. If you want to learn more about this procedure, access the link on the website called Decision Process.


When and where does the Planning Council meet?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually via ZOOM Meetings. Each committee usually meets once a month. The Council can create ad hoc work groups to address short-term projects.

For a more comprehensive schedule of meetings, please see the Meeting Calendar link.


How can I find out about the PC meeting times and agendas?

The Planning Council has a website, which includes upcoming Council meeting times and agendas, locations, and minutes from full Council and committee meetings. It links to documents such as the Comprehensive Plan and other useful Council information.

How do you contact PC members or staff?

The Professional Staff for the Planning Council can be reached by phone at 973-321-1336.

Who is on the Council?

There are a maximum number of 45 seats on the Council. The federal legislation prescribes a number of areas of representation such as people living with HIV, community-based organizations, housing providers, and medical providers. It also specifies that organizations funded under other parts of the RWTMA, such as Parts B and C, and other federal programs be represented.

The membership must reflect the demographics of the epidemic in the Transitional Grant Area (TGA). The members of the Council represent the broad range of people involved in the fight against HIV in Bergen-Passaic counties.

Who makes up the Planning Council?

The Planning Council is comprised of various share holders in the community who directly or indirectly interact with the HIV/AIDS community and who have a vested interest to ensure that the best possible services are provided to ensure a positive and healthy outcome for those served.

One of the most important components of the Planning Council membership and the reason why this program has been so successful over the years is the mandated requirement that one-third (33%) of Planning Council membership be consumers of services provided by the TGA. The involvement of the community is vital in ensuring that the funds are indeed being expended to their maximum benefit.

If I'm interested in joining the Council, how do I do that?

Membership application forms are available from Council staff and on the Council web site at the Planning Council Membership page.

Who appoints the Planning Council Members?

All members are appointed by the Chief Elected Official (CEO) of the largest jurisdiction in the TGA, in accordance with the legislation.

The CEO for the Bergen-Passaic Counties TGA is the Mayor of Paterson, NJ.

What is the term of office?

Council members are appointed for a three-year term. Members can re-apply for additional three-year terms, as long as they are members in good standing with the Council. Council members must meet the meeting attendance requirements to stay in good standing.

Can I participate without becoming a member?

All Council meetings and committee meetings are open to the public.

Public comment is taken at the beginning of each full Council meeting and during the meeting on each agenda item.

Members of the public are encouraged to participate in the discussions at committee and work group meetings.