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Some of the responsibilities of the Quality Management Committee are:
  • Develop and implement clinical quality management programs to improve client health outcomes.

  • Establish standards and systems to measure and improve performance.

  • Enhance the quality of HIV care provided by area service providers as well as increase access to services

Clinical Quality Management Plan

The Clinical Quality Management Plan (CQMP) of the Bergen-Passaic TGA is a coordinated, comprehensive, and continuous effort to monitor and improve the quality of care provided to the people living with HIV (PLWH) throughout the Bergen-Passaic TGA. The RWHAP, Part A Program Director, will develop assist in developing strategies and assisting in monitoring Clinical Quality Management (CQM) activities to ensure that service delivery to all Ryan White Part A (RWPA) eligible PLWH are equitable and adheres to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, HIV clinical practice standards and Public Health Service guidelines, and the HRSA/HAB RWHAP Program guidelines.

Download the 2018-2021 Clinical Quality Management Plan here >

Bergen Health Disparities Calculator
In the realm of public health, particularly in the context of HIV, understanding disparities is crucial. The Disparity Calculator works by first establishing a standard or "baseline" using the overall viral suppression rate of the entire population. With this baseline in place, the calculator then examines each demographic group—like age groups, race/ethnicity, or gender—and compares their specific viral suppression rates to the baseline. If there's a significant difference between a group's rate and the baseline, the calculator flags it. This helps us pinpoint where disparities exist, allowing us to better target interventions and resources while identifying previously unknown populations of concern. A sample figure is shown below to illustrate how statistically significant differences from baseline are visualized for the disparity calculator.

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

The Ryan White Part A Program conducts a Consumer Satisfaction Survey annually to learn what consumers think about the quality of core medical and support services provided.

Cross Part Collaborative Quality Plan

The Cross Part Collaborative Quality Plan was created by the Ryan White Part A, B, C, D, F and  HIV prevention programs to:

  • Link quality activities to the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN), Comprehensive Care Plan and NHFF EMA Comprehensive Care Plan using the team to accomplish and implement their respective goals and objectives.

  • Actively reduce barriers to care and health disparities through quality improvement activities and tailored interventions.

  • Bring together stakeholders to discuss our common vision for quality care and enable participation across all parts and programs.

Needs Assessments

Needs Assessments are completed annually to collect information on the local needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Bergen-Passaic TGA - both those receiving care and those not in care.

Performance Measures

The Ryan White Part A Quality Management Program develops TGA-specific performance measures to identify shortfalls, identify quality improvement areas, and continually monitor changes to ensure stability and sustainability.


Planning Council Committees

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